Welcome to a new level of workforce analytics

Agile•1 now offers access to enhanced workforce data through Talent Data Exchange (TDX), a membership-based data analytics platform and service. Created by Brightfield Strategies, TDX aggregates employee and non-employee data contributed by Fortune 10 to Global 2000 companies across more than 20 industries into a single dataset. This new level of statistical insight enables companies to precisely compute the cost of human capital and test the validity of their workforce strategies.

TDX is the first platform that can assess actual market intelligence on a total talent basis. Now organizations can establish true market rates for their contingent workforce with the ability to make true, apples to apples evaluations. TDX helps you analyze trends and current market conditions to realize cost savings and to make informed, proactive, business decisions.

By incorporating the TDX membership into managed services programs and AccelerationVMSTM technology, Agile•1 customers will gain:

  • A neutral perspective on markup and bill rate impact
  • A current, comprehensive, clear picture of the labor market
  • A histogram tool used to ascertain market rates with respect to job attributes
  • Program performance metrics and tools to diagnose opportunities for improvement
  • A schedule of rates per job title to suit their rate-management requirements
  • A comprehensive view of job variants for benchmarking against the market

To learn more about TDX and Brightfield, click here.

Privacy is paramount

Recognizing the importance of data privacy and security, TDX was carefully developed to eliminate security concerns for users. No personal identifiable information (PII) is utilized within the tool. All member data is vetted to ensure quality standards are met and data is anonymous.