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We are always looking for great talent to join our team! Agile•1 provides a variety of career opportunities and the unique positioning that every person in our organization is focused on a common goal: putting the world to work.  

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The Spirit of Agile•1

At the heart of Agile•1 you will find that we are a nimble and fast-paced organization. At Agile•1 you are not a number, you are a valued team member and colleague. Being a privately held company affords our teams the opportunity to directly influence change—change to processes, programs, technology, and more. The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship runs through every role of our organization. 

What Does It Take to Be Successful at Agile•1?

What does it truly take to be successful at Agile•1? The definition of success is just as varied as our teams, but here are a few of the attributes our top performers possess:

  • Customer focused
  • Detail oriented
  • Results driven
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Self starter
  • Professionalism
  • Patience and/or understanding change is a process
  • Ability to communicate across a diverse organization, borders, and cultures

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Agile•1 Core Values

Every day, every employee across our company embodies our core values. This is how we achieve results for our clients and build strong partnerships internally and externally.

By saying what we do, and doing what we say, we can live up to the expectations of our customers, our leaders, our team members, and ourselves while maintaining our ethics and integrity with every action.

Inspire team members to take calculated risks and develop new ideas. Driving innovation is the best way to slow replication by our competitors, continue to provide our customers with robust solutions and keep our competitive edge.

Our enthusiasm and belief in the value of the solutions we provide, drives our collective commitment to the success of every client, every partner and every employee. Our passion drives our desire to fuel mutual success, and a deep-seeded sense of "whatever it takes."

Our unique ability to be agile enough to design customized solutions to meet each client’s business needs, and influence change that benefits our customers and team members. The industry is constantly changing, and in order to best serve our customers and team members, we must anticipate change and prepare for it.

Our strength is in our differences, be it professional expertise, culture or geography. By bringing together knowledgeable professionals from varied backgrounds, with a shared passion for the workforce solutions industry, we promote the formation of new ideas. Diversity breeds innovation and growth.

With a strong emphasis on operational efficiencies, we deliver performance, output and results to our customers through our solutions. This is evident in our approach to day-to-day business; incorporating efficiency in everything we do breeds strength.

The Act•1 Group of Companies Core Values

As an Act•1 Group company, Agile•1 aligns to the overarching parent company core values.

F :  Freedom to innovate

E :  Excellence of delivery

E :  Everything matters

T :  Time to understand