Alumni Services

Get a better return on your investment by developing a strong, healthy alumni program that allows you to maintain these valuable relationships and tap into them for future projects.

Solves Challenges By:

Lowering talent acquisition costs
Streamlining the on-boarding process
Reducing time-to-productivity
Retaining intellectual capital
Centralizing alumni information into one database
Maintaining a talent pipeline for contingent and direct hire

Building Your Pipeline Through Proactive Recruiting

Build your alumni database by locating former employees, retirees, interns and contractors through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and job boards. Once you have found them, engage them with proactive outreach programs like reunions, incentives, and loyalty programs. This will allow you to build a robust pipeline of contingent and direct hire candidates with known skills and capabilities.

Availability and Quality of Information

With access to the AgileOne’s alumni online database, your alumni information is available from anywhere, at any time. This centralized database includes comprehensive employee profiles that document a candidate’s education, experience, and skill sets so you can quickly find candidates that meet your needs. The inclusion of exit interview data means you are able to capture, organize, and review this important information so you can make educated decisions on whether a former employee is a good fit for your current needs.

Hard and Soft Cost Savings

Hiring known talent is a smart business decision with financial payoffs that can positively impact your bottom line. Leveraging former employees allows you to engage these special resources at the payroll service rate, not the recruitment rate, which can represent significant cost savings. Further, by using talent that already has experience working with your organization, you can minimize training requirements and reduce on-boarding steps to dramatically reduce your time-to-productivity. This ability to rapidly expand your workforce means your company has the flexibility to seize opportunities and take advantage of shifts in the marketplace.

Alumni Services Benefits

Program Administration

Access to Direct-Hires

Less Training Required

Proactive Recruiting

Faster On-Boarding

Reduce Time-To-Productivity