Agile•1's Workforce Programs

Learn more about Agile•1’s award-winning suite of workforce programs to streamline your processes, reduce overhead and save you money. Click on the links to download more information. Have a question? Email us at

Managed Services Program (MSP)

A contingent worker program with a dedicated support team, based on-site or off, which represents all aspects of your company’s workforce strategies. Stakeholders and management gain visibility into supplier and labor performance with the data needed to reduce risk and drive cost savings.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Outsource all, or part, of the recruitment life cycle to engage qualified direct hire candidates with the least administrative overhead. An experienced support team serves as a single point-of-contact and manages all aspects of the talent pipeline including acquisition management, uniformed on/off-boarding and performance metrics.

AllSourcePPS - Payrolling Services

AllSourcePPS, an Agile•1 company, on-boards, manages time capture and payrolls named workers and contracts them to clients to whom they provide services, under the AllSourcePPS program. This service allows clients to leverage the expertise of named resources, while decreasing the risks and costs associated with temporary workers.

Alumni Solutions

Former employees represent a significant investment of training and resources. Get a better return on your investment by developing a strong, healthy alumni program that allows you to maintain these valuable relationships and tap into them for future projects.