Payroll services. Solved.

Are you looking for a way to on-board known talent without the risk and cost usually associated with retaining temporary workers?

AllSourcePPS, an Agile•1 company, becomes the employer of record for named resource workers, adding a layer of support for hiring managers and workers while reducing cost, time-to-productivity and liability.

AllSourcePPS Solves Workforce Challenges By:

  • Becoming the employer of record for contingent workers who do not qualify as independent contractors or have an existing agency affiliation
  • Handling all aspects of payroll including paychecks and temporary workers
  • Assuming the risks related to issue resolution, consistent communication and employee benefits, while lowering payrolling rates with a “Cost-Plus Model” that saves an average of 15 percent when compared to traditional, sourced talent agencies 

Simplified On-Boarding

With AllSourcePPS candidates get access to web-based applications and forms with customer support across all time zones. By streamlining the on-boarding process AllSourcePPS is able to deliver a 48-hour enrollment that includes an online application package with electronic signature capabilities. The inclusion of pre-employment screening and verification makes for a truly hassle-free on-boarding process. 

Decreased Liability

Proper classification is the first step in reducing the liability related to contingent workers. AllSourcePPS ensures the proper status of each contingent worker and the completion of all the necessary government forms including annual payroll tax filings. Compliance is at the core of this payrolling program with AllSourcePPS assuming all the risk related to issue resolution, consistent communication and employee benefits.

Integrated, Flexible Solutions

Agile•1 offers integrated workforce management technologies alongside managed services and direct-hire recruiting programs. Our technology and service offerings were developed in tandem to ensure that each automated tool complements the corresponding processes for a seamless integration of the two. For every Agile•1 service, clients will discover a matching vendor management or services procurement technology designed to automate and support the core service capabilities. This innovative approach has allowed Agile•1’s solutions to drive the cost and process efficiencies our clients demand.

Agile•1: Your Partner in a Complex, Global Economy

Agile•1 is more than a provider of award-winning labor management technologies and programs. We are your partner in a complex, global economy. Our team works with you to discover your unique business challenges, provide custom solutions, transform your processes and optimize the way you manage your greatest asset: people. 

Contact us today to learn how AllSourcePPS can help you realise your company’s payroll management goals.


  • Eliminate paycheck processing administration
  • Web-based access to information
  • 48-hour enrollment
  • Custom and ad hoc reporting
  • Payroll associate lounge (PAL) web portal
  • Customised on-boarding and orientation
  • Web-based timecards
  • Government employment regulation compliance

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