Independent contractors. Solved.

How can you reduce risks associated with finding, engaging and managing independent contractors?

The use of Independent Contractors (ICs) is a strategic decision that requires a comprehensive risk mitigation plan. Without it, your organization is vulnerable to legal and financial risks. A knowledgeable compliance partner can help you avoid these costly pitfalls by managing all aspects of this important resource; from qualification through contracting. AccelerationICC provides the expertise, service and software you need to maintain a low-risk, legally compliant classification and engagement program. 

AccelerationICC Solves Workforce Challenges By:

  • Reducing administrative overhead
  • Customizing invoice options
  • Providing comprehensive IC risk management advice
  • Managing compliance from classification to defence files
  • Monitoring and reporting on IC performance

Less Risk, More Oversight

Start reducing risk before an engagement even begins. AccelerationICC transforms the way you screen potential contractors and provides accurate classification for new and existing ICs against internal company guidelines, legal regulations and current tax/labour laws. Evaluation of all ICs, plus annual re-evaluation, ensures that classifications will evolve to meet your changing needs. To make the protection provided by AccelerationICC even more comprehensive, we will maintain detailed defense files in a safe, secure document repository so they are readily available in case of an audit challenge.

Agile•1’s payrolling solution means that workers who do not meet IC requirements can become  employees of AllSourcePPS for easy on-boarding and additional risk mitigation.

Professional Advice

Agile•1 compliance specialists provide expert recommendations for appropriate worker classification by evaluating data against internal company standards as well as government requirements. Knowledgeable contract specialists provide assistance when creating the custom IC contracts that will protect your company’s interests and standards.

Visibility and Control

Enterprise-wide reporting gives you better transparency into IC headcount, total spend, cycle time and program trends. Contractor performance is closely monitored so you can identify ICs that have fulfilled expectations and are eligible for future contracts.

Integrated, Flexible Solutions

Agile•1 offers integrated workforce management technologies alongside managed services and direct-hire recruiting programs. Our technology and service offerings were developed in tandem to ensure that each automated tool complements the corresponding processes for a seamless integration of the two. For every Agile•1 service, clients will discover a matching vendor management or services procurement technology designed to automate and support the core service capabilities. This innovative approach has allowed Agile•1’s solutions to drive the cost and process efficiencies our clients demand.

Agile•1:  Your Partner in a Complex, Global Economy

Agile•1 is more than a provider of award-winning labor management technologies and programs. We are your partner in a complex, global economy. Our team works with you to discover your unique business challenges, provide custom solutions, transform your processes and optimize the way you manage your greatest asset: people. 

Contact us today to learn how AccelerationICC can help you realize your company’s labor management goals.

Three Models to Meet Your Needs:

  • Full Coverage: An end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of program risk management from discovery to comprehensive program reporting including full indemnification due to misclassifications discovered through audits.
  • Comprehensive Plus: Let our experts manage the classification of your workers while keeping your own contracts and defense files.
  • Comprehensive: Gain the advice of industry experts regarding classification of your workers while owning the final determination of status and maintaining your own contracts and defense files.