Supplier Partnership & Engagement

We Build Relationships

We do more than make supplier recommendations for our clients. We connect, build, and foster relationships with high-performing suppliers around the world. With more than 2,500 suppliers in our global network, we provide a supply base that is robust yet flexible enough to withstand market and business fluctuations.

Supplier Management.

Our Supplier Partnership & Engagement (SPE) team is responsible for selecting and managing the supply base that supports our global client portfolio. SPE oversees supplier sourcing, supplier engagement, market analysis, supply base optimization, and supplier management. The goal is to create a platform for success for our suppliers and clients, where commitment to service excellence opens the door to additional opportunities for suppliers to expand their revenue base.

How Clients Benefit

AgileOne becomes the single-point-of-contact for our clients to streamline the management of their entire supply base. Through a master services agreement, we manage all supplier relationships according to customized service level agreements. We maximize the value of your supply base and ensure that you enjoy the highest level of service from every supplier in the program. This means getting the best talent at the right price, wherever you do business.

How Suppliers Benefit

When suppliers become top performers in our programs, they earn the ability to expand their businesses vertically within a single job category and horizontally across other categories and client programs. This expanded visibility and opportunity helps our suppliers reduce their administrative overhead and channel their focus on service delivery.

For more information on doing business with AgileOne, read our "Doing Business with AgileOne" document. 



Supplier Capabilities Gathering Process

Submit Capabilities

If you would like to be considered for partnership with AgileOne to support our award-winning programs, please complete the Supplier Capabilities Gathering Form. The Supplier Partnership and Engagement (SPE) team will evaluate each supplier’s capabilities, capacity and competencies, to ensure the right suppliers are engaged for the right opportunity across the enterprise.

- Potential suppliers not currently engaged with AgileOne: The SPE team will evaluate your capabilities and will contact you if an opportunity exists for you to support our programs.
- Existing Suppliers: If you are an existing supplier, please complete the capabilities survey as it is important for AgileOne to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of your existing capabilities.

Please keep in mind, completing the capabilities survey does not guarantee your company will receive a request to participate in a sourcing bid, be added to any AgileOne programs and does not imply your company has any type of preferred supplier relationship with AgileOne, either now or in the future, unless explicitly stated by AgileOne.

Suppliers should note that from time to time, AgileOne participates in industry events, national and private, to support the global HR industry. Participation of AgileOne at such events does not constitute our endorsement or recommendation of such events, and therefore, no special considerations are given to any suppliers attending these events. At AgileOne, we continuously strive to foster a strong, value-based relationship with all suppliers, regardless of their attendance and/or meeting AgileOne representatives at such events. Every supplier, existing or potential, is required to follow our same global supplier management and supplier qualification process.