Direct Sourcing

Take your MSP to the next level by maximizing the value of the candidates from known sources, including your corporate career page, alumni, freelancers, and contractors. In leveraging an experienced direct sourcing team to manage your talent community, you gain the ability to track, engage, and onboard high-quality talent at lower rates, saving you time and money.

Solves Challenges By:

First source of requisition

Lower mark-up rates

Wide range of employee types

Pre-screened, engagement ready talent

Use a wide range of communication platforms

Create a sense of community

Enhance employment brand

Superstar Sourcing

A dedicated support team will manage all aspects of your company’s direct sourcing strategies regardless of the technology you engage. Our experts will cultivate a pre-screened, deployment-ready bench of talent so your company can quickly add resources at a lower mark-up rate, regardless of labor type or worker classification. By engaging and monitoring a wide range of communication tools, our team is able to manage discussion forums, live chat features, blog posts, and streaming content to keep candidates up to date on the latest job opportunities and events.

Dollars and Sense

As the first source of requisition fulfillment, your talent community database allows you to quickly engage talent at below the average temporary mark-up. With multiple referral sources and the ability to capture a wide range of worker types means you can get more candidates from every recruiting dollar you spend. With robust reports and single-view dashboards, you will be able to track program metrics and make data-driven decisions.

High-Touch Service

Enhancing your brand is our number one priority. Applicants interact with our team with no break between your brand and their experience, giving them the same service and attention that you would. With ongoing, two-way communication, our team strives to build a sense of connection that encourages interaction and strengthens your overall employment brand.