Managed Services Provider

AgileOne’s managed services program (MSP) serves as a single point-of-contact to manage your workforce procurement and governance strategies, streamlining talent acquisition processes, and providing insight into supplier and temporary labor performance.

Solves Challenges By:

Streamlining processes and reducing administrative overhead

Implementing consistent, enterprise-wide hiring processes

Managing supplier relationships and performance

Improving visibility into program data and costs

Staying ahead of regulations to reduce employment risk

Constantly refining the program to meet long-term business goals

The AgileOne MSP Solution

Supplier Partnership Program

Our approach to supplier management is to form strong, long-lasting partnerships, weaving together staffing industry best practices with a culture of accountability. By standardizing processes and streamlining communication between hiring managers and suppliers, we create win-win scenarios to exceed expectations and support your long-term business plans.

Realize greater supplier productivity and value by:

  • Gaining access to AgileOne’s global supplier network
  • Leveraging AgileOne’s buying power to get better rates
  • Establishing supplier qualifications and benchmarking
  • Standardizing rates for the best possible price per hire
  • Implementing a universal set of terms and conditions
  • Receiving detailed analytics on supplier performance
  • Consolidating invoice and payment processes
  • Reducing “rogue” labor spending

MSP Benefits